Our range of pets continues to grow, as does our wide variety of quality accessories and supplies to keep them happy and healthy.

Snakes, fish and birds are available all year round while some, like chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs are available depending on the season.  Bring the kids out for a look!

If it’s a puppy or kitten the family has set its heart on,  then  we recommend you get in touch with  SAFE Broome (Saving Animals from Euthanasia), our local volunteer group which works to re-home unwanted dogs, cats, kittens and puppies that have been rescued from the Broome Shire Council pound.  Details about their excellent work and how to obtain a pet can be found on their website .

However, once you have your new family friend home, we can provide everything you need from cat toys to luxurious dog beds.

Our range of general pet accessories is always expanding, and we stock premium products as well as products for the more budget conscious.

If horses are your thing, come and talk to us about the range of horse and pony products we are preparing to stock.