Palms and Cycads

Palms and cycads – love them or not, they are the perfect plants for our tough Kimberley environment.

Our palms are proven performers in these conditions.

We grow them at the nursery from seed and they won’t die of heat stroke the minute you plant them out in the Broome sun.

The Golden Cane clumping palm is a lower-growing favourite for screening and colour. 

Mix them up with a majestic Cuban, some   feathery Foxtails or leathery cycads as features to get that great tropical look.

Our palms come in five sizes from 5L to 100L.

What varieties are available at any particular time depends on demand, but we generally have in stock:


Advanced palms

  • Golden Cane
  • Foxtail
  • Darwin
  • Cuban Royal
  • Manila
  • Latania
  • Bismarkia
  • Dwarf Date
  • Travellers
  • Lady Finger
  • Bamboo
  • Triangle
  • Ponytail
  • Madagascan
  • Majestic Red Neck

Palms1Advanced palmsPandanus


  • Cycas spp.
  • Zamia spp.
  • Dioon spp.
  • Encephalartos spp.