Grow your own veges

Jifffy peat  pots

If you are a gardener or a cook, there are few things more satisfying than harvesting your own produce for the kitchen and dinner table.

At Broome Nursery and Pets you will find everything you need to grow your own fresh veges. 

We stock Eden and Searle brand seeds, which we think are the best.

Eden Seeds supply heritage varieties, which means they are traditional , non-hybrid seeds that have been open pollinated.

Many people prefer heritage varieties, believing them more nutritious and better tasting than modern hybrid varieties, and they tend to produce for a longer season.

Start them off in something from our range of compostable Jiffy seedling pots and trays which can then be planted directly into your vege patch. As the pot breaks down it nourishes and mulches the soil.

We stock only the very best potting mixes, and an organic range is available.

Start planting in March and April for a bumper crop in the dry season, and keep them growing with our range of fertilisers and products to control weeds and insects.

If you love the idea of growing veges but don’t know where to start, our helpful staff will gladly advise.

Our range of easily-moved, colourbond raised beds also provide a great alternative to a full-blown vege garden for those with limited space or who are renting.